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Thank you for your interest in purchasing a Legacy Bench to be placed at a King County park or trail.
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The specific location of a bench will be chosen in consultation with King County Parks staff.
If we are not able to install a bench at your preferred location, we will work with you to identify an alternative location.
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Please keep messages to a maximum of 15 words and language is subject to approval by King County Parks. Additionally,  plaques may not contain quotes, marketing information or phone numbers.
Legacy Bench Donation Program Procedures
  • I am aware that bench locations are reviewed and approved by King County Parks.

  • I am aware that bench and plaque orders are accepted January through November 1.
  • I am aware that the donation amount for a new bench is $5,000 and includes the bench, 4" x 6" cast iron bronze plaque with inscription, delivery/installation on a concrete pad, photo, and letter of dedication. A proof of the plaque will be provided for review and approval before production.
  • I am aware that the donation amount for a refurbished bench is $3,500 and includes the cost to repair an existing bench and install a recognition plaque. If no repairs are needed at the time of donation, the funds will be retained for future maintenance and refurbishment of the bench up for up to 10 years.

  • I am aware King County Parks will not pay for the replacement of a damaged plaque. I may purchase a new plaque for $200 when a new order form is submitted for each plaque to be replaced.

  • I am aware that orders are processed in the order received during regular business hours.

  • I am aware that benches become property of King County Parks once they are installed. King County Parks will maintain the bench for up to 10 years. When the bench reaches it’s 10-year term, donor will have an opportunity to renew the bench dedication for $2,500 or have the plaque removed and returned at no cost to donor. If donor chooses to renew the bench dedication after its initial 10-year term, King County Parks will continue to maintain the bench until it is deemed unsafe or unusable.

  • I am aware that payment must be received before an installation is processed.
Procedures Agreement
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